Gold Marker

Some organs show a tendency for increased moveability. They change their relative position to the bone structure. To do a precise determination of the target, it requires the application of implanted markers with a good contrast in all imaging modalities. Gold Marker enable a precise tumor localization with a multitude of imaging methods such as X-ray, kV and MV imaging, CT, CBCT, MRT and Ultrasonography. By using Gold Markers you contribute decisively to the success of high precision radiation.
Why Gold Marker
  • Perfect marker for RT, IMRT, IGRT and adaptive radiation  therapy
  • Ideal contrasts on the verification imaging at the Linac (KV and MV), as well as  CT and MRT
  • For accurate panel positioning
  • Faster performance through simplified positioning
  • Better visibility of organ movement (e.g.prostate, lung, liver)
  • A wide range of diameter and lenghts is available
  • Simple matching with CBCT images

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