Vacuum Cushions

Vacuum Cushions offer one of the most advanced vacuum cushion technologies available today. Vacuum Cushions
create a comfortable, stable and precise mold of the patient´s position. The method is very simple: when a negative
pressure of appr. 650 mbar is initially generated in the cushion, the cushion retains its shape and ensures integrity of
the patient mold for up to six weeks. Vacuum Cushions facilitate reproducible patient positioning, from imaging to
treatment and subsequent treatment fractions, while preserving patient comfort and improving the clinical workflow.
Why Vacuum Cushions

+  Accurate and non-invasive patient positioning
+  Contouring molds stable for weeks
  • Precise, passive patient positioning
  • Flexible application – reliable for routines
  • Easy to clean, re-useable and eco-friendly
  • Easy handling
  • Adaptable to various clinical environments
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