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Head Rest MR
Head rest for supine position with centering disc.
ART.-NR. P10107-255
Pillow Standard A - MR
ART.-NR. P10107-256
Pillow High B - MR
ART.-NR. P10107-258 Pillow Short Neck E - MR
ART.-NR. P10107-259
Pillow Small F - MR

Knee support cushion, for quick, easy and accurate knee positioning. Handles on both sides, with 5 integrated indexing positions.

ART.-NR. P10107-235
KneeSTEP MR PC - White
ART.-NR. P10107-236
KneeSTEP low MR PC - White

Feet support for easy and accurate feet positioning. Flexible handles on both sides, two integrated indexing positions.

ART.-NR. P10107-237
FeetSTEP MR PC - White

KneeSTEP Elevation Block MR PC
Distance cushion for the elevation of the KneeSTEP in hard plastic, with integrated indexing system.

ART.-NR. P10107-238
 KneeSTEP Elevation Block MR PC - White
Indexing Bar MR Glasfaser
The Indexing Bar is used for indexed fitting and positioning of adequate accessories on indexed tabletops.
ART.-NR. P10107-619
Elekta Indexing Bar 14 MR Glasfaser
ART.-NR. P10107-620
Varian Indexing Bar 14 MR Glasfaser
ART.-NR. P10107-621
Siemens Indexing Bar 14 MR Glasfaser
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