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When treating intracranial tumors it is crucial to keep the radiation exposure of critical neighbouring structures of the aimed target as low as possible. To guarantee a precise and narrowly defined dose application it is therefore vital to immobilize patients as comfortably and stable as possible. Only then are the necessary conditions provided to minimize the risks of incalculable movements during treatment.
The Fraxion system is one of the latest innovations of Elekta for head frames. With Fraxion, many immobilization options have been combined in one single system to respond to individual patient requirements. The precise performance assures a sharply defined dose release on the aimed target and consequently efficiently protects the neighbouring structures at risk.
What is Fraxion? A flexible head frame system enabling various intracranial treatment options. The unique design and integrated components provide easy application, significant patient comfort and unbeatable precision. The robust system eliminates the patient´s mobility, thereby increasing reliablity during imaging and therapy. Not only does Fraxion provide efficient performance of frame based stereotaxie but also enables a frameless use for combined IGRT applications.


•   A complete head frame system for precise immobilization for SRT and SRS
•   A unique combination of vacuum mouthpiece and vacuum head cushion guarantees a simple, comfortable and accurate immobilization as well as re-positioning
•   A combination of individual mouthpieces and thermoplastic mask fixations establish additional options for optimized patient immobilization
•   Maximum reproducible positioning and orientation for sequential imaging and treatment
•   Built upon 60 years of clinical experience and success of Elekta in intracranial therapy
•   RFID ready

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